China Screen 2020: Call for entries

STOP PRESS :: Deadline extended to 31 May 2020

The preparations for this year’s edition of Ecrans de Chine/China Screen Festival have started. It will be the tenth edition, and run from October 2 to November 10. As before, we will not only be present in Europe’s cultural capital Paris, but also in many other European cities to preview and celebrate the latest creative documentaries coming out of China. With the current political leadership, independent filmmakers are having a very tough time, so it is more important than ever to look at their films, and to support their take on free expression and editorial independence. Censorship is spreading wide and far in today’s China, it’s supporters have not learned history’s lessons, since they are digging their own grave. Without knowing it, they also annihilate some of the progress the famous « soft power strategy» has been able to achieve in the heart of the Western World.

Within this critical period, with our little China Screen team, we are more than ever on the side of the Chinese people, its history, its tradition, its beliefs and its place in our globalized world. Please do send us your films so that this spirt of an open society, with its citizens at its heart, can create a meaningful dialogue between China and the European audience. You will find the application for films below…please do send them before May 31th…thank you so much.

Michel NOLL
Founder and Director of Ecrans de Chine / China Screen

Fiche d’inscription / 报名表格

10ème édition du Festival Européen de Documentaires Chinois à Paris et autres villes européennes du 2 octobre au 10 novembre 2020 / 第十届(欧洲)中国纪录片电影节2020年10月2日 至 2020年11月10日,法国,巴黎

请将报名表格与影片拷贝 在2019年5月31日 前寄往以下地址 / PDF fiche d’inscription à renvoyer avec le DVD ou le lien du film avant le 31 mai 2019 à

Ecrans des Mondes
8 Rue des Lilas
Thiercelieux 77320 MONTOLIVET
France (法国)
Tel: +331 6403 7098

Format / 格式 : http:// ftp://
50 mots maximum / 50字以内
100 mots minimum - 500 mots maximum / 最少100字 - 500字以内


Une fois pré-sélectionné, nous vous contacterons pour plus d’éléments et informations sur le film.

Le soussigné déclare avoir pris connaissance du règlement du festival et l’accepter intégrale-ment. / 参展人已阅读并同意电影节的所有规定,请签署
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